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Bursa: The first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Osman Bey, who was born in a town of Bursa, conquered the towns around Bursa in 1299 and this year is regarded as the founder of the Ottoman Empire, which was to survive for over 600 years. (The word Ottoman is derived from his name, Osman) Bursa is located in the northwest of the Anatolian peninsula and southeast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. The shores of the Marmara Sea is 135 km. The most important peak in the province is Uludag (Legendary Mount Olympus), a ski resort and national park.
Enjoy magnificent views of the parks and gardens of historic Bursa Tophane district on the slopes of the mountain. Experience the Museum of the City, which brings to life the story of Bursa, culture, food recognized baths, and the arts. See exquisite calligraphy and rich simple crafts in the 600-year-old Ulu Mosque. Stop by Koza Han, the last Caravanserai on the Silk Road and a meeting place for travelers through the centuries. Visit the Green Mosque, named for its beautiful turquoise – colored tiles and is considered the jewel “of Bursa. Being accepted by the 700 years of Ottoman architecture in the last remaining Ottoman city. Relax beside a waterfall and end a perfect day on the mountain. Olympus natural beauty, before returning to Istanbul. Uludag, the legendary Mount Olympus, where the gods are said to have seen the Trojan War in Greek mythology.
Mount Uludag (Mt. Olympus)
Uludag (2,543 m), 36 km south of Bursa, is one of the favorites of the country, winter sports centers and as well as skiing, its richness of flora and fauna has become a National Park and summer activities comotrekking and camping are also popular. Uludag was previously known as Olympus Mysians in antiquity, and is known in mythology as the place where the gods watched the Trojan War.
Ulucami (Great Mosque)
(Grand Mosque of Bursa), was built between 1396 and 1400 by Sultan Bajazet, composed entirely of cut stone, with very thick and high walls, 12 heavy four edged grade with pendantives and 20 domes. This is the most classical and monumental sample of the multi – domed mosques. It has the biggest size (318 square meters) in all Turkish mosques with its rich and roomy space.
Green Mosque (Yeşil)
It was built between 1412 and 1419, called Green Mosque due to the green turquoise tiles used on adornments. This is one of the most important structures of the Ottoman Bursa, and the mosque is famous for its adornments much more than its architecture.
Green Tomb
Unique structure with its tile adornments. Its fully tile covered balcony is a masterpiece of art. One of the finest examples of the wood work of the Ottoman, the door was constructed using the technique of transition walnut, decorated with geometric motifs and is the symbol of Bursa, is one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture tomb. Octagonal structure, which can be charged via a marble staircase, is covered by a main dome perched on a high hoop. It is a ripción therein.
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