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ISTANBUL by walk-all in one day

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All day walking tour one by one visiting the Blue Mosque, Roman Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Hand craft center to see how made hand wowen otantic carpets and then we ended the tour at the Grand Bazaar.


Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey.
Call Constantinople in the Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire, Istanbul is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, being one of three transcontinental cities that are located between Europe and Asia is also the administrative capital of the province of Istanbul Rumelia or Eastern Thrace the call. It was named Byzantium until 330, and Constantinople until 1453, the name by which it is generally called in the West until 1930. The official name of İstanbul was imposed March 28, 1930.

Blue Mosque 1609-1616

Blue Mosque was built by Sultan Ahmet I during 1609-1616 in the city that bears his name in Istanbul. It is the only mosque in Turkey with six minarets. Because of its dyed blue, green and white tiles magnificent hand has been named the “Blue Mosque” by Europeans. The central dome is 43 m in height and is 33.4 m in diameter. 260 windows around the mosque


The ancient Hippodrome, scene of chariot races and the center of Byzantine civic life. Of the ornaments which once decorated, only three remain: the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column and the Column of Theodosius Constantino.Obelisco is originally an Egyptian piece of art erected in 1547 BC and originally 60m height. German Fountain are also within the hippodrome area, constructed in Germany in the second visit of the mark German Emperor Wilhelm II of Istanbul, which was imported and officially opened on January 1, 1901. The source of the three domes are decorated with golden mosaics.

Hagia Sophia 532-537


Santa Sofia was for nearly a thousand years, the largest enclosed space in the world and is still seen as one of the most important monuments in the world arquitectónico.Es one of Turkey’s most popular attractions, drawn by the sheer spectacle of its size, architecture, mosaics and art. Built in the sixth century by the Byzantine emperor Justinian.

Closed on Monday

Yerebatan The Basilica Cistern

Halil KARADENİZ Gia Oficial de Turismo en Estambul
The Basilica Cistern is the largest covered reservoir in the city. Built in 532 AD on the site of a basilica, Basilica Cistern once provided water to nearby palaces like the Grand Palace and Topkapi Palace Constantinople.
Also known as the Sunken Palace, the underground site occupies 9,800 m2 and has capacity to store up to 100, 000 tons of water. The feed water cistern c through a viaduct, connecting the power supply to Belgrade Forest Basilica Cistern, a distance of about 19 km. Five feet thick walls around the cistern waterproofing and are specially coated to ensurer.
Its vaulted ceilings are held by marble and granite Corinthian columns intricately designed that vary in style when betwee, Doric and Ionic. There are 336 columns in total, arranged in 12 rows of 28 columns.

Topkapı Palace

1fb6e-cam00339Only Topkapı Palace is a single issue of a tour with so much to see and to be told. A guided tour is a must to truly understand the meaning of the most popular feature of Istanbul. In short, the Topkapi Palace was the imperial residence of the Ottoman sultans from Sultan Fatih Mehmet the Conqueror until 1856. It became a museum in 1924. Parts of the Palace such as the Harem, Baghdad Pavilion in Revan Pavilion, sofa Pavilion, and the courtroom is distinguished by its architectural heritage, while in other sections artifacts reflect palace life is. The museum also has collections imperial treasury, Chinese porcelain, weapons, calligraphy etc.

Closed: Tuesday

Grand Bazaar

Mayor covered market offering excellent shopping in Turkey: beautiful Turkish carpets, tiles and pottery, copper and brass, leather clothing, cotton and wool, meerschaum pipes, alabaster bookends and ashtrays, and all sorts of other things.
Most guidebooks claim that it has 4,000 stores. Due to the consolidation and replacement of shops restaurants and other services that number is certainly less, but you get the idea has a lot of shops. Not all of them, incidentally, are for tourists; locals shop here as well, giving a welcome dose of authenticity.

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Halil Karadeniz
Your Tour Guide and Driver in Istanbul
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